Why we still travel:

Travel is a constant phenomenon. As an adventurer, you feel the quickening of the pulse when you plan an exotic trip. Once there you awaken knowing you will follow unknown routes and meet new people. The unfamiliar is so tantalizing that even the frustrations of maneuvering foreign territory enlivens you. As you age, the lure of the adventure does not change.

Yet I hear the same remarks often: “It’s so much hassle. How can you stand the long flights? It may be unsafe. Why do you still travel?”

Those of us endowed with wanderlust still travel because it’s what makes us tick. When we don’t travel, we feel slightly out of sync. And for some of us, the further we are out of our comfort zone, the happier we are. The zest for adventure makes us hum.

You know who you are. Maybe you’ve done Europe on a motor scooter when you were so young you wrote home on blue aerogrammes. Or you skipped out of school and backpacked Central America, went to Belize before anyone knew where it was or hopped a freighter to the South Pacific. Whatever.

As the backpack becomes heavier, the adventures may become tamer. Hey, if you are an octogenarian and still hiking Patagonia, good on you. Or you may be in your fifties and the words ‘all inclusive’ make you shudder. Figure it out and go for it – whatever flashes you back to earlier, adrenaline-hyped times that turned you into a true traveller.